Monday, December 8, 2014


Elephant and Tigers Mark of Kompong Thom Province
Kompong Thom is a province of Cambodia. It borders the provinces of Siem Reap to the northwest, Preah Vihear province to the north, Stung Treng province to the northeast, Kratie province to the east, Kompong Cham, Kompong Chhnang to the south, and the Tonle Sap to the west.

The provincial capital is Kampong Thom City, a town of approximately 30,000 people on the banks of the Stung Sen River.

Kampong Thom is Cambodia's second largest province by area. There are a number of significant Angkorian sites in the area, including Prasat Sambor Prei Kuk and Prasat Andet temples. As one of the nine provinces bordering Tonle Sap Lake, Kampong Thom is part of the Tonlé Sap Biosphere Reserve.

Two of the three core areas in Tonlé Sap Biosphere Reserve are located in Kampong Thom. Boeng Chhmar (14,560 hectares), and Stung Saen (6,355 hectares).

- Cool season: November- March (20-28c)
- Hot season: March- May (30c -35c)
- Rainy season: May - October (23-30c, with humidity up to 90%.) At this time of year it rarely rains in the morning

13,814 km2

The population 708,398 (2009) with density of the province is 51 persons/km²

Kompong Thom Province is rich in tourism potential, attracting tourists with its exotic lakes, rivers, forests, mountains and more than 200 ancient temples. Much of Kampong Thom is located on the floodplain of the Tonlé Sap lake. In 2003–04, it was a significant producer of wild fish (18,800 tons) and the fourth largest producer of fish through aquaculture in Cambodia (1,800 tons). Most of the fish-raising is done by home production, with a growing segment devoted to rice field aquaculture.
Kompong Thom is also one of the largest producers of cashew nuts in Cambodia, with 6,371 hectares under production in 2003–2004.

Popular Tourists Vocation Resorts in Kompong Thom Province:
A lot of historical and cultural places are waiting for you to visit and enjoy. There are temple in forest, Eco-tourist, sign-seeing and attractive tour place such as: Sambo Prei Kuh Temples, Andet Temple, Wat Kuhak Nokor, Prasat Preah Tee-uht, Home-stay in Baray District, Phnom Santuk, Prey Pros, Bird Sanctuary of Boeng Tonle Chmar, Lion Temple Group, Prasat Yeah Puon Group.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Cambodia Sea Festival 2011-2012
Cambodia will celebrate the sea festival 2013 in coastal Kep province in December to promote tourism industry in the country.

Having approval from the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, Provincial Authorities of Kep and Kampot, Concerned Ministries, Institutions, and Private Sectors will organize the Sea Festival under the theme “Blue Sea, Green City” to be held from 7th- 8th December 2013 in Kep province.

This important event is also celebrated together with the 9th world congress of the most beautiful bays in the world club, the 2nd SOM CLMV tourism meeting

The sea festival will be segmented into four main activities: live concert, artistic performance, musical entertainment, and fire work, and international food and beverage festivals, and presentation of tourism development project as coastal zones and beach and water sport activities and aero show.

There are 50,000 attended Sea Festival in SihanoukVille. The two-day event, which started in 2011 as a tourism booster for the country’s coasts and beaches, was cancelled last year due to the death of the late King Father Norodom Sihanouk in October 2012.

The rooms will be at a premium at Kep province. Even the prices will be at a premium, there are 1,300 rooms will all be filled, and some people will be staying in Kampot or at the top of Bokor Mountain and going to the festival in the day.

Even after the festival, all of December and January 2014, rooms will be pretty much filled.

Kep is in southeast part of the country and has been considered as the main economic pole of the country beside world tourism destination Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap province, commercial and cultural, administrative center in Phnom Penh city, and eco-tourism northeastern part.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Kandal Province
Kandal (ខេត្តកណ្តាល) is one of Cambodia provinces located in the southeast portion of the country. It borders the provinces of Prey Veng and Takeo to the west, Kampong Cham to the north, Prey Veng to the east, and shares an international border with Vietnam to the south. Its capital and largest city is Ta Khmao, which is 20km south of Phnom Penh. Kandal is one of the more wealthier provinces in the country.

Kandal Province completely surrounds the capital Phnom Penh. The province is also a part of the greater Phnom Penh Metropolitan Area with more than a million people living in and around the province. While traveling out of Phnom Penh, the boundary between the two provinces is nearly unrecognizable.
The province consists of the typical plain wet area, covering rice fields and other agricultural plantations. The average altitude of the province is no more than 10 meters above sea level. The province also features two of the biggest rivers in the country, the Bassac and Mekong Rivers.

The province has a warm and humid tropical climate. The monsoon season normally begins in May and runs through October, while the rest of the year is the dry season. The warmest period of the year
occurs between March and May, while the coolest period is from November through March.

3,658 km²

The current population in this province is about 1,280,781 people or 9% of the country’s total population (14,363,519 person in Cambodia, 2007, provincial government data), with 621,948 male and 658,833 female. The population density is therefore 359 people per square kilometer.

Kandal Province serves as an economic belt of the capital Phnom Penh. Farming and fishing are the two main industries of the province. Major products include palm oil, peanuts, rice, and pepper. In addition to farming and fishing, the province also supports thriving cottage industries that specialize in wood carving, silk, and handicrafts. Many garment factories are located in Kandal Province, which hires more than 500,000 workers.

Popular Tourists Vocation Resorts in Kompong Cham Province:
Beside of the metropolitan province in Cambodia, Kandal province also the historical and cultural province related to amazing kings which built a lot of pagodas for prayer and dedicated to ancient hero kings, religion also as we can sightseeing like Phnom Udong (Phnom Preah Reach Trap), Phnom Athareus (Phnom Preah Chetreus), Phnom Prasith, Wat Phnom Thon Mond, Saang Phnom, Wat Pumpek, Wat Angkor Chey, Wat Kean Svay Krau, Handicraft Center (Mekong Island).